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We have 2 cleaning rates:

❋  «Deep» cleaning rate includes:
- Pre-vacuuming; 
- antibacterial steam deep upholstery cleaning;
- stain removal.

(urine, blood, vomit stains removal is extra charges)

❋  «Protect» cleaning rate includes:
- pre-vacuuming;
- antibacterial steam deep upholstery cleaning;
- stain removal;
- fabric​ protector.

(urine, blood, vomit stains removal is extra charges)

We recommend deep cleaning of furniture and mattresses at least once a year. Even if you think your furniture is clean - it's just like carpet and curtains - upholstery absorbs dust and dirt, and dust and dirt is the perfect breeding ground for germs and dust mites!


Send a photo your furniture or mattress to get a price


Below are our approximate prices which depend on the degree of soiling, type of upholstery, type of cushions and quantity.
The size of one standard square seat is 25-27 inches. 

«Deep» from $ 10
 + 50%  
«Deep» from $ 250
«Protect» + 50%
«Deep» from $ 30
«Protect» + 50% 
«Deep» from $ 300
«Protect» + 50%
«Deep» from $ 40
«Protect» + 50%
«Deep» from $ 50 seat 
«Protect» + 50%
«Deep» from $ 40
«Protect» + 50%
567hjk74553 (2).jpg
TWIN Size Mattress
from $ 80
«Deep» from $ 50
«Protect» + 50%
567hjk74553 (3).jpg
FULL Size Mattress
from $ 100
«Deep» from $ 140
«Protect» + 50%
567hjk74553 (1).jpg
QUEEN Size Mattress
from $ 130
«Deep» from $ 180
«Protect» + 50%
567hjk74553 (4).jpg
KING Size Mattress
from $ 150

Depending on the degree of soiling, type of upholstery, type of cushions, price for upholstery cleaning sectional couches of 6 seats and more: 
 "Deep" from $50 for each seat or ottoman;
❋ "Protect" +50% of the cost of deep cleaning rate.
The size of one standard square seat is 25-27 inches.
If the seat is larger, the price will be higher.


Delicate upholstery fabrics like - linen, cotton, viscose, silk, velvet, wool, synthetic suede, synthetic leather: +20%-70% of the cost.

png-clipart-stairs-stair-tread-organization-stairs-angle-text-thumbnail (1).png

We charge an extra $20 if we need to take our equipment up the stairs to the 3nd floor or higher (building without elevator).

images (1).png

Natural leather - from $80 per each seat. Price includes cleaning only!
We do not repair or restore leather furniture.

Additional services:


Any price is for whole furniture cleaning, for disassembled furniture cleaning the price will be 20% higher (cleaning of each couch module separately).


Removal urine, poop, blood or vomit stains: +$20-$70 each stain.


Removal of unpleasant odors: +20% to the cost.


Applying fabric protection spray to protect the fabric from wear and tear and soiling, +50% (+100% for natural fabrics) of the cost of deep cleaning. We use a professional protector TMF (not Scotchgard).

png-transparent-scissors-paper-school-scissor-angle-technic-scissors (2).png

Removing lint from fabric:+20%-30% to the cost.


Cleaning throw pillows: $5-$15. The price depends on the size.


We charge an additional fee if we find a lot of pet hair on the furniture and remove it before we start upholstery cleaning.


The upholstery is cleaned on the entire surface to which the client has given access.
Moving furniture is not our direct responsibility and is only carried out with prior discussion with the customer.


Minimum order amount for upholstery or mattress cleaning is $150.
Payment is possible: in Cash, by Zelle, by Cash App(+4% fees), by Venmo, by Credit Card (+4% fees).
CLEAN SOFA LLC does not accept checks.


We work in Orlando and nearby cities. Other outlying cities - an additional travel fee of $50 is charge (Deltona, Mt.Dora, Groveland, Davenport, Poinciana, Haines City).

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