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We use professional equipment to provide the best results!


"Sandia 86-3300-H" 6 gallon heated carpet extractor, features a 300 PSI pump that delivers extracting solution into upholstery to remove soil, while the dual 3-stage vacuum motors provide up to 205" water lift for superior extraction and faster drying. In addition, the 2000W in-line heater raises the solution's temperature up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit for a super-powered deep clean.


"Rotovac ShearDry" Upholstery Tool cleans upholstery in both directions with no overspray or dripping. 


"Mytee Lite 8070" 4 Gallon Heated Carpet Extractor - with a 120 PSI water pump and single 3-stage motor with up to 130" of water lift. This vacuum offers great suction and airflow for a speedier dry time and an overall cleaner surface.
Included the 1000W REAL HEAT water heating system raises the temperature of water up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. This high temperature provides a deeper cleaning.

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